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creator QS:P170,Q55437350
from one of the B-29 Superfortresses used in the attack.
Record creator Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Overseas Operations Branch. New York Office. News and Features Bureau. (12/17/1942 - 09/15/1945)
Atomic Cloud Rises Over Nagasaki, Japan
العربية: صورة لسحابة عيش الغراب الناتجة عن الأنفجار النووي عند إلقاء قنبلة "الرجل البدين" على مدينة ناگازاكي اليابانية سنة 1945 اثناء الحرب العالمية الثانية.
Български: Гъбата от атомният взрив над Нагасаки на 9 август 1945
Deutsch: Atombombenabwurf mit einer Boeing B-29 Superfortress auf Nagasaki am 9. August 1945. Der Atompilz stieg 18 km hoch.
English: Mushroom cloud above Nagasaki after atomic bombing on August 9, 1945. Taken from the north west.
Русский: Атомная бомбардировка города Нагасаки 9 августа 1945 года.
Español: Nube de hongo sobre Nagasaki producida por la bomba atómica. Tomada desde un B-29 a una altura de 18 km
Français : Le champignon atomique sur Nagasaki est monté jusqu'à une altitude de 18 km.
Nederlands: Paddestoelwolk boven Nagasaki na de aanval op 9 augustus 1945. Genomen vanuit het noordwesten.
Română: Ciuperca atomică de la Nagasaki, Japonia, 9 august 1945.
Svenska: Atombomben över Nagasaki resulterar i ett svampformat moln som sträcker sig över 18 km upp i luften.
  • Scope and content: Original caption: A dense column of smoke rises more than 60,000 feet into the air over the Japanese port of Nagasaki, the result of an atomic bomb, the second ever used in warfare, dropped on the industrial center August 8, 1945, from a U.S. B-29 Superfortress.
  • General notes: Atomic Cloud Rises Over Nagasaki (Q55437339)
Tælmearc 9 Wēodmōnaþ 1945
date QS:P571,+1945-08-09T00:00:00Z/11
institution QS:P195,Q38945047
Still Picture Records Section, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-S)
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  • Record group: Record Group 208: Records of the Office of War Information, 1926 - 1951 (National Archives Identifier: 535 )
  • Series: Photographs of Allied and Axis Personalities and Activities, compiled 1942 - 1945

  • War and Conflict Number 1242
Fruma U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
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Picture of week on Malay Wikipedia
Deutsch: Dieses Bild war 2009 in der 44. Kalenderwoche das Bild der Woche in der Malaysischen Wikipedia
English: This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 44th week, 2009.
Македонски: Сликава е избрана за слика на неделата на малајската Википедија за XLIV недела од 2009 година.
മലയാളം: മലയ് വിക്കിപീഡിയയിൽ ഈ ചിത്രം ഈ ആഴ്ചയിലെ ചിത്രമായി 2009-ലെ വാരം 44-ൽ തിരഞ്ഞെടുത്തിട്ടുണ്ട്.
Bahasa Melayu: Imej ini merupakan gambar pilihan mingguan di Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu untuk minggu ke-44, 2009.
Français : Cette image est sélectionnée en tant qu'image de la semaine sur la Wikipédia Malaisienne pour la 44ème semaine de 2009.
Magyar: Ezt a képet a hét képének választották a maláj Wikipedián 2009 44. hetében.
Italiano: Questa immagine è stata selezionata come Immagine della settimana su Wikipedia in malese per la XLIV settimana del 2009.
Nederlands: Deze afbeelding is gekozen als afbeelding van de week op de Maleisische Wikipedia voor week 44 van 2009.
Русский: Эта иллюстрация была выбрана изображением недели в малайском разделе «Википедии» для недели номер 44 2009 года.
Svenska: Denna bild är utvald till veckans bildWikipedia på malajiska, vecka 44, 2009.
Tiếng Việt: Hình này đã được chọn làm hình ảnh của tuần trên Wikipedia tiếng Mã Lai trong tuần thứ 44, năm 2009.
Picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia


In the Winter 2004, Vol. 36, No. 4 of the National Archives magazine, Prologue, named this image one of its top ten requested images[1]

The other 10 were:


  1. By Ellen Fried (Winter 2004
    date QS:P,+2004-00-00T00:00:00Z/9,P4241,Q40720553
    , Vol. 36, No. 4). From Pearl Harbor to Elvis: Images That Endure. Retrieved on 2007-01-02.

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