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ly (áreccung in Englisc)
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Þæt [[Wicipǽdia]]weorc is manigsprǽclic, with [[Wikipedia:International Wikipedia|wikis in over fifty languages]] being ''actively'' worked on and another ''one hundred'' ready to go.
Þæt [[m:Wikipedia Embassy|Wicipǽdian Ambihtsecg]] wæs gestaðolod on [[:m:|meta]] swá onstala middelstede tó helpenne mid intingum betwéonan-geþéodumsprǽcum-- site-wide policy and software decisions that affect allúser of useall, and [[Wikipedia:Interlanguage links|betwuxsprǽclica bindunga]]. Bidde séo þone tramet for details of setting up an embassy in your own language, oþþe tó efenwrítenne þec selfne swá ambihtsecg.
Séo [[Wikipedia:Stówlic Ambihtsecghof]] for details of the English embassy where you can ask for help in your own language.


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