Toscead betweox fadungum "Brūcend:Erik Warmelink"

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(Nīwe tramet: this brūcend has sockpuppets)
ly ({{babel}})
<small>(my apologies for writing in [[Nīwu Englisc sprǣc|Nīwum Englisce]])</small>
Before I knew that spaces could be used in usernames, I created [[:en:User:ErikWarmelink]] and [[:nl:Gebruiker:ErikWarmelink]]. That space is part of my name, so I started to use it on the wikipedias mentioned on ''oðera sprǣca''.
If you want to reach me [[:nl:Overleg Gebruiker:ErikWarmelink]] (''min sprǣc'' on [[:w:nl]]) might be fastest.

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