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== Important: maintenance operation on September 1st ==
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== Feminism and Folklore 2022 ends soon ==
[[File:Feminism and Folklore 2022 logo.svg|right|frameless|250px]]
[[:m:Feminism and Folklore 2022|Feminism and Folklore 2022]] which is an international writing contest organized at Wikipedia ends soon that is on <b>31 March 2022 11:59 UTC</b>. This is the last chance of the year to write about feminism, women biographies and gender-focused topics such as <i>folk festivals, folk dances, folk music, folk activities, folk games, folk cuisine, folk wear, fairy tales, folk plays, folk arts, folk religion, mythology, folk artists, folk dancers, folk singers, folk musicians, folk game athletes, women in mythology, women warriors in folklore, witches and witch hunting, fairy tales and more</i>
Keep an eye on the project page for declaration of Winners.
We look forward for your immense co-operation.
Wiki Loves Folklore international Team
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