Toscead betweox fadungum "Þrimilcemonað"

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nis nǣngu scortness þǣre adihtunge
ly (Hogweard awegede þone tramet Þrimilcemōnaþ to Þrimilcemonað)
{{Gerīmbōc gēaresdaga|ÞrimilcemōnaþÞrimilcemonað}}
'''ÞrimilcemōnaþÞrimilcemonað''' is se [[fifta]] [[mōnaþmonaþ]] þæs [[gēargear]]es in þǣre [[Gregorisce gerīmbōc|Gregoriscan gerīmbēc]], and hæfþ 31 [[dæg|daga]]. It may have been named for the [[Roman god]]dess [[Maia]] or more likely for the Roman [[goddess]] of fertility, [[Bona Dea]], whose festival was held in May.
In [[Japan]], there is the so-called [[May sickness]], sēocnescynn where nīƿe leorneras oþþe ƿeorceras onginnaþ tēorian of their new schoolwork or jobs. It is due to a Japanese custom that all [[schoolyear]]s and [[fiscal year]]s start on [[April]] 1st.


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