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'''[[10 Mǣdmōnaþ]]''': [[SelfdōmdægSundorrīcesdæg]] in þā [[Bahama]]n; '''[[Swīgnesdæg]]'''.
<div style="float:right;margin-left:0.5em;">
[[ImageYmele:WilliamOfOrange1580.jpg|100px|William I of Orange]]
{{*mp}} [[1584]] &ndash; '''[[William se Swīge]]''' ''(pictured)'', the [[Prints Oranges|Prints Oranges]], wæs [[Assassination|gcwellode]] at his home in [[Delft]], [[Holland]] be [[Balthasar Gérard]].
{{*mp}} [[1796]] &ndash; Se [[Þēodiscland|Þēodisc]] [[mathematician]] and [[scientist]] '''[[Carl Friedrich Gauss]]''' discovered that every positive integer is representable as a sum of at most three [[þriscyte getæl|þriscyta getalu]], writing in his diary his famous words, "[[Eureka (word)|Heureka]]! num= <math>\Delta+\Delta+\Delta</math>."
{{*mp}} [[1925]] &ndash; '''[[IndiaMeher Baba]]nisc''' [[guruIndea|Indisc]] '''[[Meher Babaguru]]''' beganbegann his silence of 44 yearswinter until his deathdēaþ in [[1969]].
{{*mp}} [[1962]] &ndash; '''[[Telstar]]''', the world's first active, direct relay [[communications satellite]], was launched by [[NASA]] aboard a [[Delta rocket]] from [[Cape Canaveral]].
{{*mp}} [[1985]] &ndash; [[Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure|Frencisc intelligence agents]] '''[[Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior|bombed and sank]]''' the [[Greenpeace]] scip ''[[Rainbow Warrior]]'', while docked in a port of [[AucklandAucland]], hȳðe on þǣm [[Nīwe Sǣland|Nīwan Sǣlande]], to prevent her from interfering in a [[Nuclear testing|nuclear test]] in [[Moruroa]].


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