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* [[996]] - [[Otto III, Hālig Rōmānisc Cāsere|Otto III]] Cāsere issues a deed to [[Gottschalk, Bishop of Freising]], þe is þæt ieldeste cūðe gewrit mid naman ''[[Ostarrîchi]]'' ([[Ēastrīce]] in [[Eald Hēah Þēodisc|Ealdum Hēam Þēodisce]]).
* [[1512]] - The ceiling of the [[Sistine Chapel]], painted by [[Michelangelo]], is exhibited to the public for the first time.
* [[1520]] - The [[Strait of Magellan]], the passage immediately south of mainland [[Sūþ America]]], connecting the [[Stillehæf]] and the [[Atlantic Gārsecg]], is first navigated by [[Ferdinand Magellan]] during his global [[circumnavigation]] voyage.
* [[1530]] - An approximated 400,000 die after the [[Niðerland]]' [[Dike (construction)|dikes]] fail.
* [[1592]] - At the [[Battle of Busan]], the outnumbered Korean navy defeats a larger Japanese army.


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