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* Support - would be able to handle some of these requests himself. Gottistgut has been on this wiki since 2009 and has made over 3000 edits, showing a commitment to the community. I'd also support Hogweard and/or Wódenhelm for adminship. [[User:PiRSquared17|PiRSquared17]] ([[User talk:PiRSquared17|talk]]) 14:59, 22 Ēastermōnaþ 2013 (UTC)
==== [[User:Gottistgut]] (renewal|03:0) ====
I'd like to renew my temporary adminship. Having an in-house admin means deletion of vandalism, moving pages, modifying main page, etc. is much easier. [[biliþ:Benmoreandflower.JPG|border|38px]]&nbsp;&nbsp;<font color="#262" size="3px">[[user:Gottistgut|Ƿes hāl!]]</font>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;[[biliþ:Fiordland Lake Marian.jpg|border|38px]] 21:46, 30 Hāligmōnaþ 2013 (UTC)
*Support: Gottisgut has been busy clearing and correcting, deleting vandalism and loose ends etc, and the wiki is much better for it. [[User:Hogweard|Hogweard]] ([[User talk:Hogweard|talk]]) 22:44, 11 Winterfylleþ 2013 (UTC)
*Support as per Hogweard. If over 5 people comment, you might be able to become a permanent admin. [[User:PiRSquared17|PiRSquared17]] ([[User talk:PiRSquared17|talk]]) 23:24, 11 Winterfylleþ 2013 (UTC)
* '''Support''' - He does honest work. No reason to oppose. [[File:Flag_of_Virginia.svg|22px]] '''[[User:Wōdenhelm|Wodenhelm]]''' ([[User talk:Wōdenhelm|Ȝesprec]]) [[File:Confederate_Rebel_Flag.svg|22px]] 23:58, 11 Winterfylleþ 2013 (UTC)
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