Toscead betweox fadungum "Ériu"

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It is a great claim that Ireland was named after her. Se Englisca nama Īrlandes is of þǣre Englisc-Seaxiscan miscweðunge þæs naman Ériu mid þǣm Englisc-Seaxiscan worde ''land''.
==Stǣr þæs Naman==
Entries in the University of Wales' reconstructed Proto-Celtic lexicon ( ) suggest that the name is likely to be ultimately derived from the Proto-Celtic * Hīwerjōnīā, a phrase with the Proto-Celtic semantic connotations of ‘Earthy Terrain,’ which aspect of nature she seems to embody. This would make her comparable to the Roman Ceres, Greek Demeter and Egyptian Isis. Apparently, an inherited form of the Proto-Celtic was transcribed in Ancient Greek as Ierne and in Latin as Hibernia. The word is alternatively the same origin as the Sanskrit Arya(n), and the Iranian Iran (the name of the land), i.e. a common Indo-European term for the land (of the people) and the goddess representing the land of the people, in contrast to Danu, the goddess of the land/earth.
==Role & Mythic Portrayal==
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