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Þence ic þe þæt gewrit scule Iohannes Paulus II Pápa hátan.

The Anglo-Saxons generally put titles after proper names, except when preceded by a definite article. So you would have "Se cyning Eadweard" and "Eadweard cyning" but never "Cyning Eadweard".

However, I suspect there is also some precedent for writing about popes in real OE, so we should follow that (though I would think it would agree with the above rule). --Saforrest 19:01, 6 Þri 2005 (UTC)

You're right. The only thing I found was on B&T 772, pápa, "þá wæs on þá tíd Vitalianus pápa þæs apostolican setles ealdorbiscop." Should be moved/renamed. --James 03:36, 7 Þri 2005 (UTC)