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þis gewrit wæs fram þæt nīwe englisc gewrit āwended.

Nīwu word:

  • unālīefan – vt.VII disallow, make illegal (un+ālīefan= un+allow, on the model of unālȳfed, 'unlawful')
  • æfternaman – n. post-nominals (obviously fails to translate one element of the MoE compound, the adjectivaliser, but æfternaman seemed more OEy than æfter-nam-ic+nominaliser+pl or something...)
  • Oxnabrycg – Oxbridge

as might be clear from inconsistencies and my moving this article in circles, I'm not quite sure what gender Oxnaford should be (ford is masculine, but in the Oxnaford article its feminine, and I can't remember whether that's my mistake or not) and so what the name of the university should be (Oxnafordes Eormengield/Oxnaforde Eormengield..). it's inconsistent at the moment - if there's a definite answer, I'll go with that. otherwise, I'll change it to masculine everywhere. --Tzirtzi 21:05, 11 Ēastermōnaþ 2011 (UTC)