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Ȝetæl nīƿra ƿorda and earfoðra ƿorda[ādihtan fruman]

  • aƿreðunȝ - patronage, support
  • brǣdunȝ - movement
  • biliðes and lēoþcræftes brǣdunȝ - IMAGE&POESIA (movement)
  • efenƿyrhta - collaborator
  • Ȝeānedrīcisc - "American", of the United States of America
  • ȝebann (authentic) - manifesto
  • ȝeondþēodlīc - international (with no reference to politics)
  • Italisc - Italian
  • līstdēmend - art critic
  • Norþernes Miciȝanes Eormenȝyld - Northern Michigan University
  • nīƿlīc līst - modern art
  • Turin - Turin
  • þohtforðiend - ideologist
  • ƿæferness (authentic) - exhibition
  • Ƿīnland - America (from Old Norse "Vínland")
  • ƿrīticȝe - (female) writer

Should be deleted[ādihtan fruman]

This article is part of a cross-wiki campaign to promote the movement. The article is already deleted on english, french, german, swedish, norwegian and even on the italian (!) wiki, and is discussed other places as well.

Most part of the campaign is performed by only 3 users - who hasn't written about many other things on Wikipedia:

Please also note that this picture, that is a part of the cross wiki campaign is a hoax; photoshopped to give the impression that two representatives from I&P met the known poet Ferlinghetti. See commons:Commons:Deletion requests/File:Ferlinghetti meets Immagine&Poesia representatives.jpg, and ask Angler45 for an explanation. Bw --Orland (mōtung) 15:43, 12 Hrēþmōnaþ 2016 (UTC)

Should be kept[ādihtan fruman]

Never seen such a cross-wiki-attack coming from one User: Orland. The meeting with poet Ferlinghetti was real and arranged by his spokesman Garrett Caples and was also documented in Italian newspaper La Stampa [[1]] The photo is not a hoax, but a photoshop improvement of the original photo that was not professional enough for uploading on wiki as Angler45 explained. The page is not promotional as it only tells the story of the Movement. When it was deleted on some of the mentioned wikis a book about the Movement was not published yet--Oberon12 (mōtung) 06:48, 15 Hrēþmōnaþ 2016 (UTC)

Please note that Syndrig:Contributions/Oberon12 is an almost fresh user, woken from 3-4 years of slumber, only to engage in this discussions. This must be understood as if the four previous contributors engaged in this article worldwide (Angler45, Alessandroga80, Aeron10 and RiverTeifi) are burned as Single Purpose Accounts.
If there really was a "original photo that was not professional enough", the easiest thing in the world would be to provide this picture now. Please do.
I do not read italian, but according to google translate, the article in La Stampa describes a meeting between only Chiarelli and Ferlinghetti, with no mention of the "movement" we are discussing here. Wheether Chiarelli and some other italian person really met Ferlinghetti i 2013 does anyway not establish any notability for the movement as such. It is more interesting that Syndrig:Contributions/Angler45 believed that this photo could be such an important evidence that he had to "improve" it.
Within the Wikipedia system, the basic principle is that the contributors must provide reliable sources for their contributions. This has not been done in this case so far. The most remarkable thing about this, is not that questions are raised now, but that they haven't been asked before. If our concerns were false, and the arguments and sources of the defenders were good enough, this article would have been kept as a good article. Instead, the number of articles have fallen from 69 languages to 29 in two weeks. That is not my work alone, that is a series of independent decisions by different administrators.
Oberon12 tries to establish me as the problem (alternatively together with Syndrig:Contributions/K9re11 - and yet forgetting swedish sysop Syndrig:Contributions/Hangsna ) Such accusations is an old strategy, and I've met them before, in some of the other cross-wiki-spamming campaigns I've fighted. You can read about them on my en:wp user page: en:User:Orland. I can't blame Oberon12 for not knowing that cross-wiki-spam is quite common on Wikipedia, but they are, and there are several of us trying to deal with it.
There is no such thing as a "cross-wiki-attack" here, Oberon12. This is just good old administrator work to defend the credibility of Wikipedia from being used for promoting someones interests. Please stick to the matter: provide good sources. And; if you can't convince italian Wikipedia to keep an article about the movement, that is not a good token. Bw Orland

(mōtung) 22:56, 15 Hrēþmōnaþ 2016 (UTC)

@Orland.Congratulations for this amazing result!
With your help and propaganda, a page re Culture, Art and Poetry has been deleted in many wiki and will be in others. But what is worst, with the page you have also destroyed the message of Peace and cooperation among peoples of different cultures, a message in which artists and poets of the Movement had believed. Of course you don't care of how distressing this behaviour can be for these persons. All that matters is to apply a rigid law.
Next time before proposing the deletion of an article, please try to read and understand the content better. As to independent reliable sources, they have been added in the remaining wikis (articles from Poetry Reviews of different countries), according to your request another photo of the meeting with Ferlinghetti has been added (and now you have to say that there is not one photo only). What's more ?--Oberon12

(mōtung) 05:52, 21 Hrēþmōnaþ 2016 (UTC)

Hei Orland. Some brief research suggests that Immagine-Poesia is indeed a genuine artistic movement in Italy, if a small one, and if Aeronwy Thomas is involved it is worth a short article at least. (I will need to add articles about her and her father in due course.) A book has been published.
Yes, they are using Wikipædia to promote themselves (who doesn't?) but that and a badly photoshopped image do not make them less real. Given the bizarrely minor organisations and movements which seem to merit articles on en:Wikipedia, this is not unworthy of the project. A few more citations might help (most will be in Italian, a language in which I have very limited proficiency so help is needed there).

(mōtung) 09:48, 16 Hrēþmōnaþ 2016 (UTC)