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Stǽr is word for gefrǽge ymbe þá forþgewitenan tíd. Gebrýced swá se nama felda leornunge, stǽr belimpþ tó þǽre leornunge and þǽre intrahtnunge þǽre gereccednesse menniscra geférscipa. Þæt word istoria (stǽr) ofcymþ þæt Grécisce "ιστορία" historia, "an account of one's inquiries," and shares that etymology mid þǽm Englisce worde stǽr. The 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica remarked that "history in the wider sense is all that has happened, not merely all the phenomena of human life, but those of the natural world as well. It includes everything that undergoes change; and as modern science has shown that there is nothing absolutely static, therefore, the whole universe, and every part of it, has its history."